Private first class finds Army a ‘new physical challenge’

Pfc. Robyn Aug

Pfc. Robyn Aug

By Jonathan LeBlanc, Fort Bliss Bugle Staff:

(El Paso, Texas, Jan. 11, 2018)

Pfc. Robyn Aug is a signal intelligence analyst assigned to the 204th Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Bliss, and she has always had an interest in physical fitness and healthy living.

Before joining the Army, she was going to school at the University of Miami in a pre-pharmacy program, but left before she finished her degree and was working as a personal trainer.

“I was starting to evaluate my life and what I wanted down the road. I was looking at different avenues. I knew I wanted to finish school and personal training was going great, but I wanted to branch out and reach more people and I started thinking I wanted to travel and try a new adventure,” Aug said.

Aug had some friends serving in different branches of the military, and she talked to them about possibly joining to fulfill a new challenge for herself.

“After doing some research, I learned I could finish school, travel and it would be a new physical challenge for me, so I decided to sign up,” Aug said.

Aug arrived here Sept. 22, 2017, from Advanced Individual Training, commonly called AIT, and she is already making strides to take on new challenges. She has signed up to compete in the installation’s best warrior competition.

“I know the competition will be in March and we have the company-level competition to see who gets to go the higher level, so I’m going to start this weekend with the ruck marches so I’m prepared for that,” Aug said.

Aug also competes in National Physique Committee amateur bodybuilding competitions. She trains six days a week for three hours a day preparing for the Ronnie Coleman Clasic April 7, where she will compete in the bikini competition.

“I work out before (physical training), right when I get out of work and sometimes on lunch and even later in the evenings,” Aug said.

Aug said she couldn’t be happier about her first duty station.

“My leadership has been nothing but supportive of me and my path to success for my career,” Aug said. “… We have sat down and discussed different options such as Ranger school, Air Assault, this best warrior competition. I feel like they have invested in me. The leadership and all the people in my unit really feel like a family.”