How to Increase Your Payout Rates on Thunderstruck Slots

How to Increase Your Payout Rates on Thunderstruck Slots

There are many different online casinos that offer slot machines of all types, and one of them is Thunderstruck slots. This online casino is very popular for its high payout rates and generous payouts. However, the payout rates aren’t the only reason to play here. The large jackpots are worth playing for, but the nice thing is that the small odds involved in this game are enough to keep many players coming back for more.

Thunderstruck Slots machines design of Bitcoin Casino BitStarz

Slot machines at Bitcoin Casino BitStarz have a unique design on how they calculate the odds of a particular machine. In case you’ve ever played Bitcoin Casino BitStarz slot machines before, this may seem confusing at first. Basically, instead of paying for each spin with coins or cash, you play for credits. Each time you hit a jackpot or pay out more than your limit, you add money to your pool. With a little luck, these credits will reach the jackpot before any other player has reached it, and you’ll get the extra money you came in with.

This is an odd system, but it’s one that has been going on since the slots first started. It has, however, recently been changed. Prior to the change, a player who won a match after the end of the allotted time would still get all of the prize money regardless of whether or not they hit a jackpot or paid out at all. Now, because winning requires hitting at least one red light, all winning credits are awarded immediately, regardless of whether or not you bet.

payout rates

The change did have an effect on some of the highest payout rates in the slots. Prior to the change, the three highest payout percentages were: seventy-five cents, ninety cents, and one hundred and twenty-five cents. With the change, the percentages dropped to sixty-two cents, seventy-seven cents, and ninety cents, respectively. While we can’t assume that the change was intentional, it does follow that the smaller percentages are now lower than before. In fact, some experts believe that it might actually cause players to start playing fewer of the larger slot machines, which can help improve slot machine profitability.

So how does this affect you? If you’re a serious player, you’ll probably want to stick with the old payout rates. If you want to win more, though, you may want to consider trying newer machines. Some experts theorize that because of the drop in payout rates, video slot machines now account for more of the payout than previously. If you play many video games, this could be the way for you to increase your profits.

play often

Another thing that you should do to make more money with your thunderstruck slots is to play often. Many slot machines pay out less than half their usual payout rate. Even with the best payout rates, you can lose money over the course of several hours. Playing often, though, can help reduce your risk and therefore increase your profit.

You should also try to find a casino with a good reputation. You can usually tell a reputable casino from a fly-by-night operation by the amount of times they’re rumored to have shut down. Many fly-by-night casinos don’t offer a lot of in-game cash or prizes, so they don’t attract customers. A high quality casino will have consistent payouts and reliable machines.

As with most slot machines, the best way to increase your payout is to play at the right casino. Playing with the wrong one can lead to bad decisions and bad luck. For this reason, it’s crucial to find a casino that you can trust. There are many sites available where you can look for information about a casino’s reputation. By using common sense and taking the time to play at the right casino, you can increase your odds of winning big with your slot machine experience.